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Benefits of Nutritionally Assisted Detox Therapy

5 Biggest Benefits of Medical Detox | Medical Detox in Florida

Any form of addiction, specifically drug addiction, is a serious concern for today’s generation. It can turn everything upside down in one’s life. When most people think of detox therapy, they mean to remove the toxins from the body. However, an inevitable part of this detox process is providing food to the body for decayed nutrients. A fit and healthy body makes it easy to avoid any reversion and make a difference during recovery.

The very first step of drug addiction treatment is detoxification. The most functional process, which is gaining popularity under detoxification, is Nutritionally Assisted Detox (NAD) Therapy.

What is NAD?

NAD therapy entails supplementation of psyche and physique with micronutrients ( substances needed in small amounts for normal body function), minerals, vitamins, amino acids through a daily internal infusion. The therapy helps eliminate the torment caused by painful and terrible retraction symptoms and regulate mood and focused … Read More

A fitness magazine apologized for telling people to ‘burn off those Christmas calories’ with exercise

santa on the treadmill
You don’t have to ‘burn off’ food consumed over Christmas. Getty
  • Women’s Fitness magazine apologized for a tweet encouraging people to “burn off those Christmas calories” with exercise.

  • The tweet was condemned by health professionals for promoting the “damaging” notion that movement should be punishment for eating.

  • “Because exercise is too often portrayed as a way to burn off food, it’s not seen as an enjoyable part of life and therefore long-term health outcomes aren’t often achieved,” registered nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert told Insider.

  • Women’s Fitness did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for further comment.

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A British fitness magazine apologized after posting a tweet encouraging people to “burn off those Christmas calories” with exercise.

On December 27, Women’s Fitness tweeted: “Are you getting out for a run, walk or cycle today? It’s a great day to burn off those Christmas calories… post

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How I Plan to Get Back in Shape for the New Year

In need of a New Year’s resolution? Look no further! Mark Wahlberg has all the best tips and tricks to starting off 2021 on the right foot.

The 49-year-old Instant Family star has made fitness a major priority over the years and hopes to inspire others to do the same after the ups and downs of 2020. While Wahlberg admits that “some days are easier than others” when it comes to self-motivating, he thinks “making fitness a habit” is one of the best things a person can do for both their mental and physical health.

Mark Wahlberg Reveals His Best Fitness Tips for 2021
Mark Wahlberg Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

“Every journey starts with that first step and if you have been slacking off or have never focused on your health or working out, you just have to throw yourself into it and get started!” he tells Us Weekly. “Starting small is key so you wake up the next day

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Smartphone fitness apps and wearable activity trackers boost physical activity levels

fitness tracker
Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Smartphone fitness apps and wearable activity trackers do help boost physical activity levels, finds a review and pooled data analysis of the available evidence, published online in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

The size of the effect is small to moderate, but it may be worth offering them on prescription to motivated patients, given the importance for health of increasing daily physical activity by any amount, say the researchers.

Globally, more than a quarter of adults don’t meet recommended physical activity levels. Physical inactivity represents a leading cause of death worldwide and is thought to cost billions of dollars every year.

Some of the most effective strategies to increase physical activity include behaviour change techniques, such as self-monitoring and feedback, which smartphone apps and wearable activity trackers can provide.

Smartphone ownership is widespread, with activity trackers and fitness apps used by around a third

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