Are 340B Discount Drug Savings Passed on to Patients?

Diana J. Smith

Eligible healthcare entities can stretch their federal dollars further by participating in the 340B Drug Pricing Program. First launched in 1992, the program is designed to provide direct savings on pharmaceutical purchases so that program participants can put the money into other things. Here is the million-dollar question: are drug […]

Half of America Has Tried Pot – Is That a Good Thing?


The Gallup organization has been tracking marijuana trends in America for the better part of 20 years. Anyone who has followed their data knows that the culture has become more accepting of marijuana over the years. Their latest survey shows that half of the nation’s adults have tried marijuana at […]

The Role of The Shaman In a Magic Mushroom Retreat 


A shaman is a spiritual leader trained in traditional indigenous practices to facilitate healing and transformation through ritual, ceremony, and plant medicines. In a Magic Mushroom retreat in Tulum, the shaman guides participants through the experience of consuming psilocybin mushrooms, helping them to navigate the intense and transformative effects. The shaman […]

Sloppy Clinics Don’t Negate Regenerative Therapy Benefits


During the early years of the Trump administration, PRP injections were quickly becoming the hottest thing in medicine. Everyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors were looking to the injections to help them recover from injury. Unfortunately, a small number of rogue and sloppy clinics got involved. People were harmed […]

Cost Impacts Health Plan Enrollment – No Surprises There


Recently released consumer data shows that people who make less are also less likely to enroll in employer-sponsored health plans. No surprises there. Anyone who would be surprised by such a thing clearly doesn’t understand how expensive health plans are compared to annual salaries. A lot of people simply do […]

Why is Halal Meat a Good Option?


For those who are unaware, Halal meat appears to be a less desirable alternative than other meats offered . But when it comes to putting food on the table and appeasing people who care about the treatment of animals before they are killed for food consumption, halal meat may really […]