Why you Should Body Lotion During Pregnancy

Diana J. Smith

The pregnancy period comes with a lot of physical changes, and consequently, caring for your skin becomes very essential. Body lotion is not only a matter of luxury; it is also an important device of skin care practice. Once you have a bump growing inside, there is no doubt that […]

Navigating the Road to Recovery: The Importance of Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Diana J. Smith

Surgery is often necessary in treating various medical conditions, from orthopedic injuries to cardiovascular diseases. While surgery addresses the underlying issue, successful recovery hinges on diligent post-surgical rehabilitation. Post-surgical rehabilitation is a comprehensive program designed to optimize healing, restore function, and enhance quality of life following surgery. Whether it’s a […]

Decoding the Landscape: Car Insurance Options in Malaysia

Diana J. Smith

Navigating the roads of Malaysia is a multifaceted experience, blending urban landscapes with picturesque countryside. Amidst this tapestry of journeys, car insurance stands as a vital shield against the uncertainties of the road. In Malaysia’s diverse insurance market, drivers encounter a plethora of options, including motor takaful, Zurich car insurance, […]

Are 340B Discount Drug Savings Passed on to Patients?

Diana J. Smith

Eligible healthcare entities can stretch their federal dollars further by participating in the 340B Drug Pricing Program. First launched in 1992, the program is designed to provide direct savings on pharmaceutical purchases so that program participants can put the money into other things. Here is the million-dollar question: are drug […]

Half of America Has Tried Pot – Is That a Good Thing?


The Gallup organization has been tracking marijuana trends in America for the better part of 20 years. Anyone who has followed their data knows that the culture has become more accepting of marijuana over the years. Their latest survey shows that half of the nation’s adults have tried marijuana at […]