Using Nitrous Oxide For Relaxing Effect And Gives Comfort to The Patient

Diana J. Smith

Sedation dentists are usually a good solution for fearful or anxious patients who are afraid of going through dental procedures. Relaxing with nitrous oxide is usually done during a dental procedure. Nitrous oxide that is better known as laughing gas produces a relaxing effect and gives comfort to the patient who is scared of undergoing dental treatment. This procedure also helps in reducing the level of anxiety. The dentist may use a sedative to make the patient more comfortable before the procedure.

The medical history of the patient

Before administering anesthesia or sedatives, the dentist needs to know the medical history of the patient. It is also necessary to know the dosage of any sedatives or anesthetic used during the dental procedure. You can ask for your regular dosage from your dentist or oral surgeon. If you are a smoker, it is suggested that you stop smoking before or during your dental procedure as inhaling the gas or fumes can affect the functioning of your lungs.

There are many options available for sedating the patient before or during the dental procedure. Tiger Smile Dental in Baton Rouge offers conscious sedation dentistry to help you feel more at ease during your appointment with us. There are two types of methods administered through inhalation laughing gas and oral sedation. In this case, inhaling the laughing gas or nitrous oxide is combined with oral sedation spray. This method is less invasive and allows faster treatment.

Deep Sedation

The other option is deep sedation, wherein the patient is rendered unconscious during the whole dental procedure. The dentist uses a mask to determine whether the person is unconscious or conscious. The deep sedation wears off gradually, and the patient becomes sober as he was before the procedure.

Wears off faster

Although nitrous oxide wears off faster than laughing gas, this method allows for a faster recovery. The whole process takes around 40 minutes whereas, with the former, the dental procedure wears off in a few minutes to an hour. Also, because the patient is rendered unconscious, he does not feel any pain when he is awake. Pain is an unwanted side effect of the laughing gas and the administration of nitrous oxide.

Another advantage is that the dentist can administer the nitrous oxide before and after the dental procedure. These patients usually have some level of sedation and are awake during these procedures. A small percentage of patients, however, do not respond positively to the nitrous oxide upon its administration. These patients must be carefully monitored to ensure that they do not have an adverse reaction to the substance. The dentist also monitors the breathing pattern of the patients before and after the administration of the nitrous oxide to ensure that they are responding to the procedure the way it was intended.

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