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Travel nurse interview questions: 10 things to ask before accepting a job

Travel nursing jobs have become in demand even before the pandemic season, this is because there is a scarcity of nurses in other places while some nurses are unemployed in their States. Therefore, travel nursing jobs have become the perfect solution to distribute nurses to places where they are needed. Travel nurse agency has been acting as a bridge between nurses who want to explore and medical facilities who are in dire need of nurses.  Let’s see how a travel nursing job can help nurses grow personally and professionally. 

Is Being a Travel Nurse Worth It?

Indeed, since there are benefits that travel nurses can get when they decide to grab the opportunity to get assignments as a travel nurse. Here are some benefits a travel nurse can get:

  • Free Housing

Since travel nurses are assigned to different places they surely need a place to stay while working. Travel nurse agencies make sure their nurses will have a place where they can feel at home during   assignments and it’s free!

  • Referral Bonus

A travel nurse who can refer someone who wants to become one too can get a referral bonus of up to $500! As long as the referral is qualified then that would be a sure bonus for the referrer. 

  • Discounted Insurance 

Insurance is important for people who travel and who work in the medical field because they are more exposed to risk. Insurances are needed by nurses and the good thing about becoming a travel nurse is that you can get a group rate for your insurance. 

Where are the Highest Paying Travel Nurse Jobs?

Travel nurse wages are higher than regular paid nurses , this is for sure. There are factors that can affect the pay of nurses such as specialization or location. The States that pay the highest for travel nurses are   San Jose, Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, Seattle and Phoenix. The reason behind this is that the cost is also high in these places. This can still be beneficial for travel nurses since they don’t have to worry on how to set their budgets on food and other expenses.

How Long Do Travel Nurses Stay in One Place?

The average period a travel nurse can be assigned to one place is between 13 and 25 weeks or longer depending on the need of the medical facilities who will hire them. The good thing about getting assignments is you will be informed ahead of time by the travel nurse agency and you will know how long you have to stay in your destination, therefore you can be ready. You can also decline and offer  if you feel that the place is not for you.  

Can You Be A Travel Nurse With No Experience?

Most medical facilities would require 1 to 2 years experience before getting qualified as a travel nurse. So if you have plans in the future to be a travel nurse, start working now and get that experience you need so you can be ready to explore the world as a travel nurse in two years time. 

How Do I Get A Job As A Traveling Nurse?

One has to be qualified and obtain the needed requirements before they can work as a travel nurse. 


  • Should be a registered nurse and pass the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) 
  • Should have 1 or 2 years working experience, most medical facilities would require experience 


  • Licensed as  a registered nurse and State License if needed. 
  • Should finish Associate or Bachelor’s degree in Nursing 
  • Certifications from previous works can be added to your credentials such as Basic life support (BLS) or Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). 

Travel nursing jobs can be a good step for nurses who wish to grow their career and explore the world at the same time. Travel nurse agencies can aid nurses in attaining their goal to work and travel at the same time. They also assist travel nurses to acquire the needed requirements  to be able to qualify. Advantage Medical Professionals travel nursing jobs can assist you in starting as a travel nurse. Contact them and start your journey in becoming a travel nurse and rip all the benefits. 

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