The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Weight Loss, and How Olivera Can Help

Diana J. Smith

Anyone who has had struggles with their weight has encountered the same obstacles. We’ve gone over these in the past. Whether the problem is taking the first step, admitting to ourselves that we need to lose weight for our health, or even dealt with the self-esteem issues that crop up, we’ve been there. But we’ve also dealt with the more positive side of weight loss journeys. The excitement of seeing the scale go down, support from those closest to us, or even getting ahead of ourselves and imagining what we will look like and how much better we will feel, both physically and mentally, when we finally achieve our goals. But the truth is, we almost always focus on the most immediate goals, and not on all of the benefits that healthy and safe weight loss can bring into our lives. So, let’s explore how getting ourselves to a healthy weight really is the gift that keeps on giving, and why it is the gift we should give ourselves.

Lower Blood Pressure

Being overweight has long since been recognized as a leading cause of high blood pressure, and by extension, heart disease. Of course, there are some fortunate people among us who manage to keep a healthy blood pressure anyway, due to any number of factors, usually genetic. But for the most part, those of us who have struggled with our weight have also struggled with our blood pressure and overall cardiovascular health. By committing ourselves to a healthy and safe weight loss plan, we can lower our blood pressure to a healthy and sustainable level, and not overtax our heart when we do simple day to day activities, whether it be climbing a flight of stairs, or chasing the family pet who likes to play escape artist.

Improved Range of Motion

This one is one of the “secrets” (but not so secret) benefits of weight loss that people tend to ignore, until they realize they did something they were unable to do before. Lowering our weight to a healthy level means, quite simply, that it is easier for us to move. And the more we can move, the more we want to. This, especially among those of us who are a little bit older, is one of the biggest qualities of life improvements brought on by being at a healthier weight. Physical tasks, whether it be shopping for groceries or making our beds become simpler, and therefore, less of a chore. Anything that makes our day-to-day life easier has to go in the win column!

Improved Mood and Self Esteem

Outside of our changing physical appearance, this tends to be the thing the people in our lives, especially those closest to us, notice the most. The fact is all of us on this weight loss journey have been there. Whether it is feeling self-conscious in our clothes, or when we take pictures, being overweight has a much more profound effect on our self-image and self-esteem than we care to admit, Of course, our weight is not indicative of our value, but it’s never a pleasant feeling when we feel uncomfortable about how we look. As a result, when we start hitting our goals, and we see not only the results on the scale but hear the words of encouragement from those closest to us, we understandably get an emotional boost, which makes us more pleasant to be around. And when that happens, the people in our lives tend to notice and join in. Happiness is contagious, so why not be at the center of our own happiness, as well as sharing in others.

Reduced Joint Pain

Again, this is one of the more noticeable qualities of life improvements healthy weight loss can bring us. One way or the other, something has to hold our weight up. As a result, when we are overweight, key structural points in our bodies are tasked with not only supporting our weight but moving it. This is most noticeable in the lower half of our bodies, such as our hips, knees, and ankles. Obviously, it extends all the way down to the soles of our feet, which, over time, can develop small repetitive stress fractures due to excess weight. Shedding some of those extra pounds can go a long, long way in maintaining our joint health and ensuring that we can be at our best for a longer time.

Better Sleep

Honestly, who doesn’t want better sleep? Losing weight is a huge part of improving the quality of our sleep, for several reasons. One, being overweight can cause snoring, due to compression of our airways. A healthy weight means easier breathing, which obviously, leads to better, uninterrupted sleep. But with all the other benefits, such as reduced blood pressure, reduced anxiety, and less physical stress on our bodies, it becomes so much easier to be comfortable in our beds. And with the knowledge that the right amount of sleep is essential for weight loss, this really is one of those cases where “one hand washes the other” so to speak.

Help from Medical Professionals Goes a Long Way

When all is said and done, weight loss falls under the category of medical science. By seeking the help of trained professionals, you not only have better resources to succeed, but the support structure you need to continue building better habits. Sustaining these habits during the end of year Holidays is essential to keep the momentum going in the new year! The professionals at Olivera Weight Loss have over 40 years of experience in helping people reduce their weight to a healthy BMI, in a clinically proven and medically safe way, and with the means to help their patients keep it off.

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