Get ready for your resolutions! Amazon’s new Halo fitness trackers are one sale for up to 40 percent

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Great gifts come in small packages. (Photo: Amazon)

Great gifts come in small packages. (Photo: Amazon)

In an ideal world, you’d be the picture of health: eight hours of restorative sleep every night, a daily menu of balanced meals, a personalized exercise regimen and a morning meditation routine you never stray from. But this is real life, and it’s filled with stress, distractions, illness and other parts of the human experience that lessen your quality of life.

Our modern world may present a lot of obstacles to developing healthy habits, but luckily, it also provides some pretty brilliant solutions. Case in point: Amazon’s Halo fitness trackers, which essentially take on the role of doctor, nurse, personal trainer, chef, life coach and spiritual guru. These chic, lightweight wristbands monitor everything from your heart rate to your weight fluctuations to your sleep patterns — and the latest version is on massive sale right now.

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll not only get free shipping, you’ll get it in time for Christmas if you order now. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here.

$60 $100 at Amazon

Halo fitness trackers come in two models: the brand new Halo View, $80, and the Halo Band, which is 40 percent off — or just $60 (down from $100) — through December 23 at 12pm PT. Both the View and Band are still shipping for Christmas arrival.

They say that as long as you have your health you have everything, so give the gift of everything to someone you love this year (that includes yourself).

The Halo View is the next generation of Amazon fitness trackers. (Photo: Amazon)

The Halo View is the next generation of Amazon fitness trackers. (Photo: Amazon)

Let’s dig into what all the buzz is about, starting with the top-of-the-line Halo View — a gift that’s so small it might be the most coveted stocking stuffer around. This is the newly released one with all the bells and whistles: it represents the best of what fitness trackers have to offer in the year 2021. With a Halo View, you’re getting a 360-degree view of your health, including real-time personal stats along with expert guidance for improving your wellbeing in every area of your life.

The Halo View, which is $30 off until December 7, has already cemented its status as the No. 1 bestselling heart-rate monitor at Amazon, but it does so much more than that. It also tracks your physical activity, sleep quantity and quality, blood oxygen levels, BMI (the tracker scans your body to measure it!) and much more to record priceless data. It all appears in a health summary you can review at any time on a full-color OLED display — the real selling point — on the face of the band, which comes in lavender, green or black.

$80 at Amazon

This next-level device truly has your back. It offers live workout tracking, sends important reminders for sticking to your health goals or simply encourages you to move your butt, whether that means taking 10,000 steps or swimming 10 laps. It’s totally customizable of course. And it even lets you know if a text message has come through while you’re otherwise engaged.

Users need a Halo membership to use their fitness tracker — that’s where they see their health overview and are introduced to a whole suite of tools and information. The good news is when you nab this Halo View for just $50 right now, you get an all-access Halo membership free of charge for an entire year. After that, it’s just $4 a month.

A Halo membership — free with your Halo View purchase — puts invaluable health and wellness tools at your fingertips. (Photo: Amazon)

A Halo membership — free with your Halo View purchase — puts invaluable health and wellness tools at your fingertips. (Photo: Amazon)

A Halo membership lets you view all your personal stats, plus it offers nutrition programs, recipes, hundreds of on-demand workouts, mindfulness sessions, daily meditations, voice analyzing to help you communicate better…it’s hard to think of what this thing can’t help you with. You can even shower and swim with it up to 50 meters — so unless you plan on scuba diving, you’re good to go!

And because it’s an Amazon product, Halo View connects to Alexa and seamlessly integrates into your smart home setup. Add battery power to the list of conveniences, too: it works for seven days on a full charge, which only takes two hours to achieve. The Halo View is a thoughtful gift for pretty much anyone, and a surefire way to stick to your own New Year’s get-fit resolution.

$80 at Amazon

Halo Band — 40 percent off!

The screen-free Halo Band is an unassuming super star. (Photo: Amazon)

The screen-free Halo Band is an unassuming superstar. (Photo: Amazon)

You may have heard about the Halo Band; it’s the View’s 2020 predecessor and a top-seller in its own right. In a lot of ways, this fitness tracker does the same job. It’s also a heart rate-monitoring, sleep-tracking, activity-monitoring, BMI-measuring, voice-analyzing powerhouse. But because it doesn’t have a digital display, it doesn’t send you alerts and reminders. You have to log into your Halo membership to see your health overview and unlock a suite of tools and info.

Yes, the same Halo membership works with the chic silver, black or blush/rose gold Halo Band, and when you buy this unassuming fitness tracker — just $60 through December 23 — you (or the gift recipient) get a free six-month membership! It’s just $4 a month going forward to gain access to popular apps like Headspace and Relax Melodies for meditation, Apativ and OrangeTheory for sweat sessions or Weight Watchers Reimagined for weight loss and nutrition.

$60 $100 at Amazon

The Halo Band scans your body to capture your BMI. (Photo: Amazon)

The Halo Band scans your body to capture your BMI. (Photo: Amazon)

And yep, this one’s also waterproof and Alexa-enabled. Shoppers have had a year to test out the Halo Band, and it’s earned more than 9,400 five-star reviews — fans say these devices outpace the competition.

“There are no screens, so it’s not distracting. I can wear it all day and night with no issues,” wrote an astute fan. “It helps track my sleep in no way my Apple Watch or FitBit can. The tone function is what blew me away. I had no idea how I sound when I talk, and I love that it can pick up on that and guide me on the ways I sound.”

“The sleep monitoring is more informative and accurate than Apple Watch or Fitbit. Halo Band’s time readings are spot-on night after night — I know because I’ve been monitoring and comparing,” wrote another shopper.

This shopper loves how easy it is to wear her Halo Band: “It’s EXTREMELY lightweight, which makes for easy wear day and night,” says the fan. “I’m enjoying not having my phone calls and texts connected so I’m not so worried about what’s going on in the cellular world.”

Who knew staying fit could be such a piece of cake?

$60 $100 at Amazon

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