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Diana J. Smith

If you’re looking for a home workout solution that’ll help you nail your weight loss and health goals for 2022, then you’re in luck. Fitness tech has experienced something of a renaissance in the past few years, and nowadays the home workout gear available to consumers is absolutely incredible. No matter what your preferred workout routine might look like – whether it’s running, rowing, lifting weights, or something else entirely – there’s almost certainly a piece of equipment that’ll allow you to do said workout in the comfort of your own home. Here are a few of our favorites:

A workout using The Mirror.

This one is pretty straightforward – it’s essentially a full-length mirror that’s souped-up with some smart software that guides you through workouts, connects you with live instructors, and even allows you to compete with other people in your classes. The best part, however, is that Mirror workouts generally don’t require any equipment (though you can use things like dumbbells and resistance bands if you want), so the entire system only takes up a tiny amount of space on your wall. It’s a killer option if you don’t have room for a Peloton bike, but you still want the benefits that come with live classes and instruction.

Tempo Move comes in an attractive storage unit

The Tempo system is a lot like the aforementioned Mirror, but rather than relying on human instructors to guide you through workout routines, Tempo uses sensor-studded weights and a  proprietary machine vision system that watches you and gives real-time feedback. The full size Tempo Studio system has its own screen and speakers, but if you’re on a tighter budget, the Tempo Move delivers the same workouts by using your smartphone as a tracker and your TV as a display. It’s honestly some of the best bang for buck in the smart fitness space – especially if you plan to work out in your living room anyway.

Tonal Fitness Smart Mirror

If you dig the idea of having a full-fledged gym at home. but don’t have the space for it, then Tonal might be exactly what you’re looking for. Thanks to the machine’s exceptionally clever “digital weights” and adjustable arms, Tonal can deliver up to 200 pounds of resistance in a huge array of different exercises. Better yet, the digital weights can also adapt mid-workout to make things easier (or harder) for you, thereby ensuring that you get the most out of each session.

Image of Fitbit Charge 5 Exercise

There are a gazillion different fitness trackers on the market these days, and this one is arguably one of the best. “The Fitbit Charge 5 is a stellar fitness tracker that elevates everything Fitbit trackers do well,” says Digital Trends wearable tech reviewer Yoona Wagener. “Its compact and fashionable design makes it an ultra-wearable 24/7 accessory — but beyond the modern and streamlined look, it’s jam-packed with wellness features and data you can dive into with the user-friendly Fitbit app.”

man using an Aviron rowing machine

There are a handful of smart rowing machines on the market these days (Hydrow, Echelon, etc.), but while most of them simply offer Peloton-style live classes, Aviron takes things in a fun new direction with exercise-based games. Instead of just rowing alongside some virtual classmates and getting words of encouragement from an instructor, you use the rower to move your virtual avatar through a variety of different minigames and challenges. Best of all, you can choose to do this socially and play with other folks, or just row solo and play against a computer.


This list just wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include the revolutionary Peloton Bike. It’s THE smart stationary bike, and shortly after it debuted, it kicked off a tectonic shift in the way that at-home fitness works. Peloton’s virtual classes allow you access to live, instructor-led workout sessions from the comfort of your own home – and that formula has been copied by basically every other fitness company because Peloton does it so well. You’re not just buying a stationary bike, you’re buying access to a huge community that’ll help keep you motivated and engaged – and that’s something you can’t get with a normal exercise bike.

There are zillions of different workout headphones on the market these days, but these ones from Aftershokz stand out for a few reasons. First and foremost, they use bone-conduction tech to deliver sound, so you can use them without plugging up your earholes, which is a huge safety booster if you’re, say, a runner or road biker who needs to stay in tune with your surroundings. Second, the headset is a single piece that wraps comfortably around your head and ears, so there’s practically zero chance that they’ll fall off during your workout, or that you might lose one earbud. In other words, these headphones are an ideal blend of safety, security, and sound quality.

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