What Do You Need to Know About Digestion Enzyme Supplements

Diana J. Smith

There are a lot of digestive enzyme supplements to help digestion, available on the market nowadays. But you should be careful in deciding which ones are right for you. Actually, the food we eat plays an important role in digestion. Hence, it is always advisable to take food that contains digestive enzymes, whether or not it is already naturally rich in them. Some of the most useful digestive enzyme supplements are listed below.

Active L-Arginine

Active L-Arginine is considered one of the best digestive enzyme supplements around today. It aids in the release of arginine, an amino acid that stimulates the activity of the muscles responsible for gastric emptying. As for its effects on the intestinal tract, the release of l-glutamic acid also increases, and the formation of bile decreases.

Folic Acid

FOS (folic acid) is one of the best digestive enzyme supplements. It helps alleviate problems related to the formation of waste materials in the gut, especially in the case of women during menstruation and pregnancy. Apart from that, it helps improve digestion and speed up the process so that you can avoid unnecessary illnesses. These days, a lot of people are taking folic acid because it reduces the incidence of several kinds of cancer.

Fruits And Vegetables

Many enzymes are present in fruits and vegetables. They act as catalysts for food digestion by breaking down foods into simple compounds known as peptides. However, these digestive enzymes are destroyed during cooking and processing. Fortunately, there are now food digestion enzyme supplements to replace the ones that have been destroyed through heat and chemicals. Peptides are now processed into smaller molecules that can easily penetrate the lining of the gastrointestinal tract, where they help enhance food digestion even more.

Soy Products

Another popular digestive enzyme supplement is soy products. Soy protein, like most proteins, has digestive enzymes that help speed up the process of food digestion. These soy products have also been found to be safe and effective for people who are lactose intolerant or those who have recently undergone a course of antibiotics. Soy protein supplements usually come in liquid form, which can be mixed with juice or other beverages. However, it is recommended to take them as part of food rather than as supplements.

One of the best digestive enzyme supplements is a multi-ingredient formula. These formulas include an assortment of enzymes that work together to speed up the digestive process and promote better food digestion. They come in tablet, powder, or drinkable form. The powdered form can be mixed in with food to make a delicious shake or bar drink. The powder can be sprinkled on pieces of bread, cereal, fruits, and vegetable dishes to make delicious snacks. Whatever you choose to do with these supplements to help improve your digestive health, you’re sure to have lots of fun while doing it.

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