Watch a Fitness Model Eat Like the ‘Most Shredded Man Alive’

Diana J. Smith

Fitness model and YouTuber Aseel Soueid has tried all kinds of extreme diets on his channel before, eating like The Batman star Robert Pattinson, heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder, pro wrestler Roman Reigns, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson himself. In his most recent challenge, most likely inspired by a recent video from bodybuilder Will Tennyson, Soueid tries the diet of physique competitor Helmut Strebl, who, with just 3 percent body fat (and an ultimate goal of 2 percent), is ostensibly the leanest man in the world.

For breakfast, Strebl tends to eat 4 ounces of chicken breast ,5 large egg whites, 1 whole egg, and 3 bagels, amounting to 1,242 calories. This is followed by a meal replacement shake made with 2 scoops of protein and 3 bananas (515 calories). “How in the world the most shredded man drinks his calories like this, especially 80 grams worth of carbs, I have no idea,” says Soueid. “Don’t ever drink your calories if you are dieting or trying to get shredded or lose body fat. It is the quickest way to never feel full.”

When it comes to the third meal, Soueid finds himself in more familiar bro territory: lean ground turkey and rice (525 calories). “This tastes ten times more depressing when you’re outside of a gym,” he says. “I thought it was bad at home, but damn.”

The fourth and fifth meals follow an identical pattern; a cup of basmati rice with a 6-ounce serving of either turkey, chicken, or fish. Less than an hour later, it’s time for meal number 6: 10 large egg whites and 4 slices of toast, coming in at 452 calories. That brings Soueid’s total calorie intake for the day to a surprising 3,783 calories, comprising 411 grams of carbs, 99 grams of fat, and 306 grams of protein.

“Despite this guy being 6’3 and 215 pounds, I cannot believe he can eat this much food and eat these kinds of foods and stay at 3 percent body fat year-round, it is absolutely mind-blowing,” says Soueid. He does admit, however: “Bagels, bananas and basmati rice definitely make for an amazing pump.”

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