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Diana J. Smith

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TL;DR: The BetterMe subscription is 30% off when you use code BetterMe-Plan-21 as of Dec. 13.

The BetterMe behavioral healthcare program is a fitness app that offers tools for healthy eating and better workouts. It’s designed to help you create a behavior-changing healthy lifestyle, and offers plans across different spectrums of ability.

After working with each member to create a personalized meal plan and workout regimen tailored to each person’s specific goals and lifestyle, BetterMe then really gets to work getting to the root of each user’s relationship with food and fitness. The tool helps nudge long-term behavior changes to break old habits, make proactive decisions, and detect and manage stress triggers to help stop health and eating problems at their source.

Over the past five years, BetterMe has generated over 100 million downloads in 189 countries and 10 languages by working to make sure anyone and everyone feels included. That commitment extends to workout programs dedicated to expectant mothers, wheelchair-bound users, and seniors, addressing their specific health issues with exercises and processes toned to their needs.

People ready to take their health seriously can take the BetterMe personal plan quiz, then launch their own personalized workout and meal plan. New members can also earn an extra 30% off the price of their subscription by entering the code BetterMe-Plan-21 when they get started today.

Two phones showing the BetterMe app

Credit: BetterMe

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