Satisfy Your Body by Stretching

Diana J. Smith

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – It may not be the best sensation in the world, but you’re sure to be satisfied with stretching.

“No pain no gain, push through the pain kind of thing is the wrong perspective to have,” said Adam Brandel, a Personal Trainer at Gainesville Health and Fitness. “I describe it as a mindful discomfort but at no point do we want to go past that.”

Stretching has tons to offer when it comes to benefits. Brandel explained, “the biggest benefit is we are going to improve flexibility. You are going to increase your body’s ability to move through a particular range of motion.”

Personal Trainers can help you properly stretch, work through tightness, and also avoid injury. Brandel mentioned, “it could be hard to get into certain positions in the first place.” He added, “most of the stretches you can accomplish with a trainer, you can get similar results stretching on your own. It really boils down to do you have that information, do you know how to do it.”

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Brandel recommended holding stretch anywhere form 30 to 60 seconds, depending on how tight you are and what your pain tolerance is. When discussing rating pain, he explained, “what is a three for me might be a seven for you.”

Tools, like a table or strap can also be used to take away additional tightness; but if you have an injury you will want to ask your doctor before you start to stretch. “There are some injuries out there, things like strains for example where actually the last thing you want to do is stretches” said Brandel. ‘After we’ve been cleared to move a bit more, kind of regaining the mobility and flexibility that we had in that area.”

Gainesville Health and Fitness offers a variety of stretching based classes. There’s Pilates, Yoga, Barre, and 20 minute one-on-one sessions with a personal Trainer. For more details, visit for more info or call the gym at 352-377-4955.

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