New Approach to Health and Fitness by a Popular Social Media Influencer and Healthcare Professional

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Dr. Walter Oronsaye is a licensed Doctor of Pharmacy and is popular for spreading awareness about various health issues.

Houston, TX, USA – Dr. Walter Oronsaye, also known as Phit Pharmacist, is based out of Houston, TX and is a licensed Doctor of Pharmacy. He is committed to helping people take control of their health. He runs several awareness campaigns to address a wide variety of health goals. Dr. Oronsaye is a well-known healthcare professional with a tremendous following in the local community as well as on his social media channels. He is popular with his patients due to his gentle and caring approach.

“I strongly believe in a patient-first approach. As healthcare professionals, it is important for us to create a patient-friendly environment so that they are relaxed and stress-free when discussing their health issues,” says Dr. Oronsaye. “I realize that many people are anxious when they approach a medical service provider. It is our professional duty to be kind and compassionate with them and help them overcome their anxiety.”

Most people tend to overlook seemingly small health issues until they lead to bigger problems later in their lives. According to medical professionals, these small issues can quickly turn into major problems if left undiagnosed and untreated and can have significant consequences on your overall health and well-being. 

“We can’t really take health issues lightly until we rule out any serious underlying causes. Take dental health, for example. Your mouth is like a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria, most of which are benign and won’t cause any problems. However, since the mouth and specifically your teeth is the doorway to your respiratory and digestive tracts, harmful bacteria can end up causing serious disease,” states Dr. Oronsaye. “I always advise my patients to pay close attention to any persistent health issues. It is always a good practice to seek medical attention at an early stage to ensure timely diagnosis and treatment.”

Healthcare and wellness are constantly evolving with the progress of medical science and research. Dr. Oronsaye keeps a close watch on emerging healthcare trends and keeps incorporating the latest research findings in delivering his services.

Dr. Oronsaye says “I like to keep myself updated with the latest in medical research. I treat my patients like my family and I want to make sure that I provide them the best care possible.”

According to Dr. Oronsaye, proper health care plays an instrumental role in keeping you in good shape and spirits. At times, even those who strictly follow good health practices are subject to health issues despite all precautions. It’s important not to ignore these health problems, and seek an appointment with your doctor at the earliest. Your overall health and wellness could depend upon how early the problem is diagnosed and treated.

Dr. Oronsaye has helped with Covid 19 misinformation during the pandemic by working with the Ad Council, the National Urban League, and American heart association, and global citizen.

Dr. Oronsaye has paneled discussions on health for black men. He likes to add fun and humor to hard to cover topics of health and fitness. He is a fitness enthusiast and works out religiously.

About Dr. Walter Oronsaye

Dr. Walter Oronsaye is a licensed Doctor of Pharmacy and is based in Houston, TX. He actively promotes health and wellness by being part of various campaigns and also through his social media channels. He is dedicated to fitness and works out regularly. His mantra is a healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy soul. He is a strong advocate of campaigns promoting health and wellness.

Dr. Walter is also a popular social media influencer with active social media channels and thousands of followers. He regularly uploads humorous and engaging content to not only entertain his followers but also to educate them on various health issues.

For more information about Dr. Walter Oronsaye and other inquiries, send an email or reach out via his social profiles.

Instagram handle: @Myphitpharmacist

Tiktok: @PhitPharmacist

Twitter: PhitPharmacist

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