Middle Age Crisis and Substance Addiction:

Diana J. Smith
Drug Abuse Rises in Midlife - Midlife Magazine


Drug and substance addiction had almost affected more than 40 million US citizens in 2017. A recent path-breaking study conducted by the National Institute of Sciences revealed that substance addiction was highest among youngsters, with an estimated 12 million people between the ages of 18-25 years. Substance abuse also affects older people in America, with 5 million adults requiring treatment for substance addiction.

Earlier, drug use and substance addiction among the younger generation was found to be higher, but recently, the medical professionals providing suboxone treatment near me noticed increased cases of substance addiction among adult individuals. Drug and alcohol addiction tends to have detrimental impacts on youngsters’ and adults’ social, mental, and physical health. An unanticipated link was noticed between substance abuse and the increased death rate among middle-aged US citizens, according to a national survey in 2016.

Midlife and Substance Addiction:

Nowadays, addiction is considered a form of disease with environmental, cultural, and biological influences. Like another disease, addiction can also be diagnosed and successfully treated like chronic ailments, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Other addictions can be prevented by providing education and changing lifestyle patterns.

Addiction is described as incompetence to stop using harmful substances even though it’s damaging both the mental and physical health of an individual. Different suboxone clinics should be introduced in every locality to address the substance addiction issues adequately. 

People addicted to different drugs and alcohol finds it impossible to quit the addiction even if they want to stop the substance abuse. An addicted person finds it challenging to leave substance use as addiction brings about changes in the brain’s structural and functional units that influence a person’s behavior.

Powerful memories related to reward, motivation, and anger tend to increase cravings for drugs. Most of the addicted people are deprived of treatment due to the high sublocade cost. However, the DEA is trying to reduce the costs and make sublocade more affordable for the patients. People in the age group of 45-65 are typically midlife individuals who go through a stressful period for various reasons.

  • Job and career-related issues 
  • Unsuccessful marriages and faded relationship with their partners 
  • Siblings and children are leaving home to enjoy independent living.
  • Thoughts of growing old with fear of nearing the end of life
  • Alterations in the body that comes with aging 

People get addicted to drugs and alcohol to cope up with emotional and mental disbalance happening in life. If a person has struggled with substance addiction at some stage in life, then the chances of substance and drug addiction eventually increase in the midlife years. A team of doctors in the suboxone clinic near me provides adequate counseling sessions to people who face emotional crises due to substance addiction.

Signs of Midlife Crisis and substance addiction according to doctors practicing at suboxone clinics:

Midlife Crisis’s signs and symptoms might vary from person to person. A Sublocade doctor is available 24*7 to offer help to men and women addicted to different substances due to midlife crises. Some common signs of midlife concerns are mentioned below. 

  • Excessive worrying about mental and physical health
  • Abnormal and existential questions dwell in mind, such as “Who am I? Where are my life and career heading?”
  • People start comparing themselves with other individuals who are successful in their careers.
  • Feelings of failure and fewer accomplishments in life with time.
  • Other obsessions for weight loss and looking younger can take over. Individuals with these symptoms try to dress and act more energetically.
  • People often become confused about their present life. Also, they start blaming relatives and other family members for their failure in life.
  • Thoughts related to death and suicide occurs in mind due to depression and mental trauma.
  • An extramarital affair can desire more romantic relationships linked to substance addiction and midlife crises.
  • Every Sublocade treatment doctor should develop practical approaches to treat people with substance addiction. 


If you see your loved one exhibiting drug or substance addiction symptoms, it is imperative to seek medical help as soon as possible. Suboxone treatment is available to help reduce the dependence of substance addiction safely.

The rehabilitation centers also provide a healthy mechanism to cope with difficult situations to live a healthy life after recovery. Further, they adopt a holistic recovery approach and style for people struggling to quit substance abuse in their midlife years.

You can listen to the following podcast-

https://podcasts.adorilabs.com/recovery-connection/?cid=RqCGuNUs9hnA6UVQ. If you want to gather more relevant information regarding substance abuse, addiction and the possible methods to ensure recovery, this podcast will come in handy. 

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