Israel Figa Talks About the Job Market’s New Normal Amidst Covid-19

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The New Normal: how Capital Markets can turn the Coronavirus threat into an  opportunity

Today once again Israel Figa brings to you how the world is being impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic now that more than a year has passed by since the onset of the pandemic. The job market is changing amidst the pandemic as a staggering number of people are left unemployed. While Covid-19 has left many jobless it has also created new jobs. According to Israel Figa there are three sub-components of the job market and there are jobs that have come into existence as a result of Covid-19.  

Jobs That Are New and Booming 

The world as we see it today amidst Covid-19 and the havoc it has brought is seeing jobs that are new and jobs that are booming because of Covid-19. Israel Figa puts these in three big buckets: newly created jobs; high demand jobs; and jobs that have arisen as a result of changed roles. 

Newly Created Jobs 

There are healthcare related jobs, some of which are totally new like covid contact tracers which was not there until February or March 2020. Since Covid-19 is an infectious disease which spreads from close contact, a need arose to trace patients and quarantine them in order to limit the spread. Communities that adopted contact tracing methodology have been quite successfully in curbing the spread of the virus. For such contact tracing the need for Covid contact tracers has also arisen. These contact tracers trace the recently diagnosed covid patients and inform their local health department about the same. 

Jobs That Are High In Demand 

Then there are jobs that help us live our life in quarantine and such jobs are really booming because of a high demand for them. This has resulted in a demand for personal shoppers who are people who go to fancy stores to fetch grocery on behalf of those who are in quarantine. Another example is that of online tutors so that you can be tutored without having to leave your house. Basically anyone that helps someone not leave their home but continue to live their life – that’s where a big job growth has been seen. 

Changing Roles 

There are jobs that are helping people pivot to new careers. Life coach is a wellness professional and in these unprecedent times the need for such a professional is inevitable as noted by Israel Figa. The current pandemic has really affected everybody and it is the need of the hour to recognize the daily challenges everyone around is facing. People are struggling with loneliness, joblessness and just depression in general. People are isolating with family members avoiding meeting friends and extended family which is why the feeling of loneliness has increased. 

It is because of this that dependency on life coaches has increased as they provide you with the support system. The increased demand for life coaches, counsellors etc. has resulted in people adopting this profession and transitioning into new careers. 

Due Diligence 

Since there is an increase in the demand for life coaches, counselor and tutors etc., every second person is taking up these professions. With an increased influx of professionals it also becomes difficult to choose the right one. So Israel Figa advices that you do your research on who the people are or go and see what they are writing, what they are sharing, how they are talking or maybe talk to the people they are working with. You need to do the due diligence – just because people are taking a job doesn’t necessarily mean they you need to hire them. 

The Natural Ebb and Flow 

Is there a natural ebb and flow between the jobs that are on the way down during this pandemic and the jobs that are climbing in popularity? 

Israel Figa answers this recurring question and states that there is no easy off-ramp into another job. If you were on a crew ship then those jobs don’t exist right now and if you are in travel industry those jobs are barely coming back. However, if you are an architect and want to become an expert at socially distance architecture that kind of thing does take skill development and you can learn from others. For instance with schools and teaching being shifted online, the teachers are being retrained to fit the current practice.  So at the end it is about assessing where the business is going and then gaining those skills quickly. 

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