Isolation Camps in New York State: Tyrants Plan to Appeal

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This story is about a very brave attorney who’s defeated New York State isolation camp regulation. It is also about the need to act — since we are not out of the woods yet, and the NYS Governor and Attorney General have promised to appeal the Judge’s decision striking down the unconstitutional regulation. They are currently sitting in ambush, likely hoping to get re-elected in the upcoming New York state elections and “do the ugly” then.

As a New Yorker, I am appalled and disgusted, and my hope is that many, many people learn about the New York State abysmal isolation camp regulation and throw the aspiring totalitarians out of office. It is not about politics, agreements, or disagreements, it is about protecting our parents and our children from an unconstitutional regulation that can easily lead to separation of families and indefinite detention with no due process. It is that ridiculous and disgusting.

One Person Can Make a Difference

The attorney who filed a lawsuit against the unconstitutional regulation — and won — is Bobbie Anne Cox, a seasoned New York lawyer who has been practicing in the area of property tax law for nearly 25 years.

Early on, she became outspoken about the “COVD measures” by the former New York State governor Andrew Cuomo. When Bobbie Anne first found out about the New York isolation camp regulation, she rubbed her eyes — but it was there, and it was real.

Bobbie Anne started talking to other attorneys, and many attorneys recommended to wait until the authorities start pulling people out of their homes and throwing them into camps — and file a lawsuit then. But she couldn’t wait for the ugly, and after putting in a lot of hard work and legal research into how one could file such an unprecedented lawsuit, she figured out an angle, which was “separation of powers.”

As a result, she won, and the brave NYS Supreme Court Judge Ronald Ploetz struck the regulation down (court decision).

However, like I mentioned earlier, both the Governor and the Attorney General — who are up for … hopefully, being voted out of office on November 8 — have promised to appeal the Judge’s decision. And now it’s up to all of us to spread the word like crazy and let people know what we are facing — since the media is not covering this at all.

What’s in the Isolation Camp Regulation?

Uniting NYS, a citizen group, has created a dedicated website that provides very detailed information the isolation camp regulation, the lawsuit, and how individual people can help fight the tyrants. Here is what they have to say about the regulation itself:

10 NYCRR 2.13 “Isolation and Quarantine Procedures”

Allows the DOH to pick and choose who they want to force to isolate or quarantine, without proof that the person poses a health threat, for however long the DOH wishes to force the quarantine, and at a location that the DOH deems appropriate (which can include a quarantine “facility” or detention center).

They do not need to prove that you are actually sick. They can just suspect that you MIGHT be harboring a communicable disease.

There is no age restriction, so they can force you, or your child, or your elderly parent/grandparent into isolation or quarantine, for however long they want!

In the interview, Bobbie Anne mentioned that when the lawyer representing the NYS Attorney General’s Office (fighting to keep the draconian regulation in place) was asked how one would get out of isolation once placed in it by authorities, their answer was that the family could hire a lawyer. So, really, there is no due process!

A Throwback to Early 2020

On March 30, 2020, during a WHO media briefing, Michael Ryan mentioned the “need to go and look in families to find those people who may be sick and remove them.” Remember that media briefing? The “conspiratorial” internet blew up, and then the videos of the talk were mostly taken down, then a thousand other things happened, and it was kind of forgotten.

That statement was one of the things that inspired me to write my very first Substack. The full video of the media briefing is still up on the WHO channel.

An Attack on Parental Rights

Another totalitarian move that Bobbie Anne Cox talks about in the interview is New York bill A9963, proposed by NYS Assemblyman Richard Gottfried and co-sponsored by five other NYS Assembly Members.

The bill strips parents of any control over medical, dental, or mental health interventions that their minor child may “choose” to undertake. They still get to pay for said interventions, but even the insurance companies potentially billing them don’t have to tell them what they are paying for, unless the minor child gives an explicit permission to tell the parents. You can read more about this draconical proposal on Bobbie Anne’s Substack.

A Critical Juncture

We are at a critical juncture where we are being assaulted by tyrants like there is no tomorrow. It is critical because they are bullies — but we are not victims, and we have the spiritual power to refuse to bend over. Bobbie Anne Cox is a beautiful example of being brave — and winning. May we all be protected from the bullies — and may we all protect each other.

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