Instilling Innovation Practices Within a Professional Environment 


3 Practices That Will Help Drive Innovation in Your Organization | CCL

Innovation is a powerful tool, and because of it, many people in business were able to create companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, etc. 

Innovation can be defined as something, in its basic form, representing something new. But even with a simple definition like that, adding Innovation to business can still be challenging. So now you must wonder, what is the big secret to making the next best thing?

Let us consult the professionals in the industry – Igor Smirnov is a leading Russian-American engineer, inventor, physicist, and scientist many of you might know as the inventor and patent owner of MRET. 

The invention of the Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET) allowed him to develop different types of patented products that can be used to assist in activating water and water-based products. After that, Smirnov created the WaveRider technology, which reduces EMR, including low frequency, high frequency, and underground radiation. 

Over the years, Smirnov has also conducted advanced research and study of the psychosomatic development of children who swim in their infancy at the St. Petersburg Children’s Hospital. The results he gained from his research were extremely promising to the point that they immediately got published by the World Health Organization in Munich, Germany, St. Petersburg University Press, and various other magazines such as The Electric SpaceCraft Journal, Explore Magazine, the Electronic Journal of Biotechnology, and many more. 

Moreover, Smirnov is the founder and CEO of the prestigious Global Quantech, a United States Biotechnology Research corporation, and speaks at many international scientific congresses and conferences, such as the Biophysics Congress and the Anti-Aging International Congress, to name a few. 

Since the beginning, Innovation has always been a big part of Smirnov’s work, and he has often emphasized its importance in the professional world. After looking into his exceptional work contributions, we have gathered some ways to add Innovation to your own company and take the first step towards professional progress. 

Empowering Your Teams in Making Productive Decisions 

Layering on several approvals to make a decision can kill Innovation, and when teams do not feel they cannot be trusted with the right choices, they can quickly lose confidence in their skills. 

Hence, it would be better to empower your team through different decision-making skills where it can help them come up with ideas for the business. Plus, when they feel confident enough to have their ideas acknowledged, they gain more self-confidence and develop innovative ways to go about business operations. 

Feedback is Essential 

Sometimes the best ideas can come from customers, who can give you the edge you need to discover new innovative plans for your business. 

Customers are excellent sources of ideas and can even lead you to decide on your next priority. Their feedback can serve as an exceptional understanding of how well your new innovative ideas work out – and how you can work towards improving them. Take your time to consult with each customer’s feedback, listen to their calls, and review customer suggestions, and maybe you might find what you are lacking in your business and figure out how you can improve things for the better.


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