Henry Cavill Shared the Best Fitness Advice He’d Give a Beginner

Diana J. Smith

Henry Cavill may be one of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood, but he’s also a fitness buff who can hold his own with the best of them. Look no further than his roles as Superman and Geralt in The Witcher for proof. So when Cavill reveals a trick or two on how he approaches his workout, you should probably listen up—especially if you are new to hitting the gym.

In a recent video for bodybuilding.com, the actor answered a few questions about his approach to fitness and health, giving some pretty solid advice for those just starting their fitness journey. Get ready to take some notes.

When asked by the site to share what’s the best fitness advice he could give someone, Cavill advised beginners to be unafraid to approach fitness with their specific needs at the forefront.

“Do it your way,” Cavill said in the video. “Get the right information, get the right knowledge from someone who knows their stuff. But also, do fitness your way—whatever you enjoy doing—and you’ll get the most out of it.”

But that’s not the only wisdom beginners can take away from Cavill’s video. When asked what advice he would give his younger self, Cavill said he wished he would have gotten his head right for a challenge early on in his fitness journey.

“It is not supposed to be easy. And with that kind of mindset going into workouts and training, I think I would have benefited from that enormously,” Cavill said. “Everyone’s different—but I know as a young man myself, I would have benefited from that.”

In the video, Cavill also shares that if he had to choose between spending the rest of his life without the gym or without dessert, he’d be waving goodbye to cakes and pies. Needless to say, you know this fitness advice is coming from someone with killer dedication.

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