Healthy Snacks from Target, Perfect for Travel

Diana J. Smith

Whether you are hitting the road by land, sea or air, we’ve got you covered with some healthy snacks from Target that are family friendly and easy to pack up and take on the go.

Eating Healthy While Traveling

According to a new poll, nearly 47% of Americans will be traveling this holiday season. That means a lot of people on the road, at the airport, taking a bus or train.

Sometimes food and snack choices can be limited when traveling, so we try to bring a few of our own. Some great reasons to pack your own snacks include –

  • healthier options
  • controlling the ingredients
  • save $$$
  • convenient
  • eliminate “hanger”

Healthy Snacks from Target

We are lucky that we have a bunch of store options in the town where we live. Therefore, we try and mix it up when doing these store “round up” posts. In the past we’ve done –

This time we stopped by Target before traveling to Disneyland over Thanksgiving break. I picked up just a few snacks that I could easily pack in a carry on suitcase and a backpack that I was going to be bringing into the park each day.

The healthy snacks we chose included –

The fruit is easy to eat and provides some fiber while traveling. This not only helps keep things moving in the GI department, but can help you feel full longer and stabilize blood sugar levels.

The peanut butter and mini beef sticks give a quick bit of protein when we are in between sitting down for meals.

The trail mix, kind bars and pistachios all have nuts, which not only have a bit of protein and fiber but are a good source of healthy fats.

Tips for Packing Healthy Snacks for Travel

It’s good to first figure out what you snack storage and prep situation looks like.

  • will you have access to a fridge?
  • is space an issue?
  • does anyone have food allergies that might make you have to eliminate anything with nuts?
  • will it be warm when you are traveling, therefore maybe you might not want to get anything that has chocolate so it won’t melt

If you are looking for more snack ideas, check out these posts –

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Last modified: November 28, 2022

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