Common Issues with Mobility Scooters and How to Fix Them

Diana J. Smith

Mobility Scooter

If you are someone who relies on a mobility scooter to help them get around, the chances are that at some point, this trusted device will run into trouble. 

A mobility scooter is extremely beneficial to helping people get their independence back following an accident or alongside degenerative issues like arthritis. However, you need to remember that a mobility scooter is not infallible, and can fall to the same issues as any other electric device. 

So, to help you maintain your mobility scooter for as long as possible, with as little hassle, here are some of the most common issues that mobility scooters have, and how you can fix them.

Damaged Tyres

Tyres of a mobility scooter are designed for the rough and tumble that this machine will go through. The most common tyre types on a mobility scooter include foam-filled tyres, pneumatic tyres (air-filled), and solid tyres.

If you have an air-filled tyre, the most common issue you will face is a puncture. This is more common if the tyres are already showing signs of wear, or if the tread is receding. Luckily, you can get new tyres for mobility scooters if spot signs of damage, which will keep them durable and firm against punctures from nails and glass when you are out and about.

Battery Issues

The base of the mobility scooter is the battery and if there is an issue with this, then the whole device won’t work. The most common issue that you will face is that the battery will be unable to hold a charge. 

You can check to see if the charger needs replacing and, if it doesn’t, then it is time to replace the battery. Mobility scooter batteries are easy to find and replace, but if you have issues with mobility, lifting weights, or your range of motion, you should ask someone else to help you replace the battery. Many mobility scooter service shops can also do this for you, as well as ensure that the right battery is ordered and fitted correctly.

The Motor

Another common issue that you may experience is problems with the motor. 

A common sign that there is an issue with the motor is if the machine lags forward or appears to stop and start when you are driving it. If you have had your mobility scooter for a few years, then this is more likely to occur. 

You will need to contact a mobility scooter technician if your motor is failing. Or, as before, you can take the scooter to a shop to have the issue diagnosed by an expert. Never attempt to replace the motor on your own, as you may cause more damage. 

Ignition Switch Issues

It is worth considering where on your mobility scooter the ignition switch is located. In most cases, it will not be encased, making it vulnerable to the elements. As you can guess, this can cause issues with corrosion and function. If it seems that your key is no longer able to turn the mobility scooter on, then you will need to seek the help of a technician to diagnose the underlying problem.

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