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Amazon Sellers Account - The Ultimate Guide | PB

We read about how eCommerce is booming and how Amazon Market Place is proving to be a godsend for many small businesses now and then. The tremendous traffic they may garner from this great eCommerce machine pulls present and new companies into this ecosystem.  Amazon’s marketing business has earned a reputation as a dependable eCommerce supplier over the years. It’s no surprise that merchants take advantage of this opportunity, with 50 percent of things sold on Amazon Marketplace coming from people like you and me. To know more, visit the below link:


What is an Amazon Seller Account, and How Does It Work?

Brands and merchants utilize Amazon’s marketing tools to offer products directly to their customers. Because of this business strategy, selling your product on Amazon or anywhere else has gotten easier. As an Amazon marketplace seller, you have two options for completing orders placed by Amazon customers. You may handle shipping, customer support, and returns for each order yourself, or you can enroll your products in Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon program and let them take it for you.

Know about the Amazon account checklist

You will need a lot of information on hand to complete the whole registration process for an Amazon seller account, including:

1. Information about the business.

Your legal company name, address, and phone number

2. Provide an email address.

This email address can be used to access the company account. You should already have this email address set up since you will begin receiving essential emails from Amazon nearly immediately.

3. Use your credit card.

A credit card can be used anywhere globally and has a valid billing address. Amazon will terminate your registration if the credit card number is invalid.

4. Your telephone number.

During the registration process, a phone number where you may be reached. Also, keep your phone close by during the registration process.

5. A tax identification number.

The registration process will take a brief detour to a “1099-K Tax Document Interview” to provide your tax identity details.

6. Tax ID from the state.

Information about state tax IDs for states where you have a tax nexus. Company offices, warehouses/3PLs, and call centers impact this physical presence. The US Supreme Court modified the law in June 2018 regarding e-commerce sellers’ responsibility to remit sales tax for online purchases.

What exactly is Amazon?

Amazon is a retail behemoth, and its marketing services include transportation, payments, hardware, data storage, and media. Aside from eCommerce, it dabbles in a variety of other fields. It is a mobile-friendly portal for both consumers and retailers. Even if you are a novice, getting started as an Amazon seller is not tricky. 

The individual seller account and the professional seller account are the two options. The particular seller account charges the per-unit fee of the item sold. On the other hand, a professional seller account levies a monthly fee regardless of the number sold. People who wish to expand their business should sign up for a professional seller account.

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