2022 Holiday Gift Guide: For The Homebodies & Health Lovers

Diana J. Smith

It’s that time of year! Let’s celebrate our loved ones this holiday season with gifts given from the heart with intention & love. No surprises here, I’m not a big shopper— but when it comes to the holidays, I always aim to get my family & friends things that they’ll genuinely love and use for years, and things that improve the joy or quality of their daily lives. And that often requires some digging! So I always say, if I’m going to be searching high and low for it anyway, I might as well share my findings with you. 😉 The more the merrier, right?

This year, we’re breaking up our annual gift guide into three separate posts: this one for homebodies & health lovers, one for the women in your life & one for families (husbands, kids and babies) to make browsing & picking gifts for your favorite people even easier.

Okay, now let’s get to the good stuff…

Gifts for overall health & wellbeing:

1.Thera-Gun Mini: Perfect for the active (or sore-muscled) person in your life (or as a great way to calm your nervous system before bed, instead of a glass of wine). The original heavy duty one is amazing, but also their smaller version is great too. It’s amazing after tough workouts, and such a great investment in your health!

RUNNER-UP PICK: I also looooove this vibrating ball version to roll on (that heats up if you want it to) because it’s great for traveling and easier to pack. We have both and I use both equally, depending what’s going on. It relaxes me so much for sleep and keeps my back and muscles feeling good. 

2. Sauna blanket: All the healing benefits of a infared sauna— but in your own home! Detox, rejuvenate muscles/joints and relax with an at-home sauna blanket. Also check out this version of a portable sauna too, both are great brands with low EMF’s. 

3. Daily Yeti cup: Love this stainless steel cup for cold water (or warm bevvies!) on the go. It keeps your drink hot/cold, fits in car cup holders and makes hydrating sooo easy. My most used travel cup of all time, no matter the season. 

4. Under-desk treadmill: These things are SO genius… like why not get some steps in while responding to emails or checking in on work stuff? I love the easy fold-up design so it’s out of the way while you’re not using it.

5. Peloton Bike (or this Sunny bike with Peloton app): I can’t tell you how much Peloton changed my life. Even if I only have 10 minutes, I know I can get a good sweat in at home— the convenience at this stage in life is a gamechanger! If you don’t want to pay full price for their specific bike, I loved and used to have this one, paired with the Peloton app (only $12/month) for rides and soo many other workouts.

6. Equilibria Daily CBD drops (or their new sleep gummies): the best gift of all… the gift of a good night’s sleep, all naturally. And with zero effects the next morning. I swear by these on nights I know I might have a hard time winding down (traveling, thoughts running through my head, etc). Use the code “simplyrealhealth” for 15% off your first order!

7. Bala weights: Amazing lightweight “bangle” weights to throw on before your walks/yoga practice/at-home pilates class. Love these so much!

8. Red light therapy devices: I am obsessed with red light therapy right now — especially as we head into winter and thinking about creating more nourishing wintertime routines. Red-light modalities can help with anti-aging, de-stressing, muscle/joint recovery, mood-boosting and soo much more.

There are two kinds of devices: skincare devices and overall body devices. They are a little on the pricey side, but will last for decades. They are great idea for those in your life that love wellness, and are looking for something new to add to their routine. 

Red Light Therapy Options: Check out this full body light , which is the one thing on my list this year! And my favorite anti-aging red light skincare wand. Or the cordless full face mask here.

9. Bamboo washcloths: Turn your nightly make-up removal into a beautiful spa experience. These are the only ones I use for my whole family now. 

10. Olverum Bath Oil: I got a free sample of this last year, and oh my word….. It takes baths to the next level and is such a lux treat. I discovered this at my last visit to Sarah Kahn hair and it’s soo beautiful. Pair with the Osea body oil after you get out, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful winter nightly ritual for the season ahead. Mention Simply Real Health at SKH checkout for an additional treat (online or in person at their seattle salon & shop). And code “simplyrealhealth” for anything Osea for 15% off. 

11. Ziip Skin Device: This little tool is more of an investment but ohhhh so worth it— it firms, tightens and contours the skin with just a few minutes of using it per day. It’s like the fastest & most effective at-home facial treatment you could ever get and is a great alternative to botox. Just wanting to share the fun things I’m discovering as I go 🙂 

Gifts for the healthy homebody:

1. This *specific* legendary  blanket: This is the coziest blanket of all time… like, we have 3 (and I’m not opposed to getting more because we all always fight over them). Such a great family present (pair with the popcorn maker and some popcorn bowls and you have a full movie night experience!)

2. Air purifier: Your home is your sanctuary, and the air you breathe there should make it feel that way! Clean up your air and remove dust, toxins, off-gassing from cooking on the stove, and other debris with this amazing air purifier. This is truly one the best things I’ve bought for our home this year.

3. Primally Pure’s  home scent collection: If you know me, you know my obsession with Primally Pure products— and their natural home collection is no different. They have seasonal essential oils, hand soaps and room/linen sprays that are SO heavenly (and not too strong), and best of all, made with all natural ingredients so you can feel safe using them.

USE THE CODE “SIMPLYREALHEALTH” to get 15% off your order!

4. Healthy candle options: Most traditional scented candles have all kinds of chemicals and toxins in them— but you can get the same result with more intentionally made ones. Check out our full blog post with alternatives here, and I’ll share a few of my go-tos below:

Gifts for the healthy kitchen lover:

1. Non-toxic pan set: No more chemicals leached into the foods you cook— yesss please. And extra bonus that these pans are absolutely beautiful! If you know someone who loves to cook, they need this set. If you’re looking for a single pan to upgrade first, check out this brand too. 

2. Almond Cow: You can make homemade nut or seed milks, like a keurig. One touch. Pour nuts in, add water and press a button. AMAZING. One of my favorite gifts I got 2 years ago on Black Friday weekend!

3. Crockpot: A favorite for making homemade soups/stews all winter long. Just throw your ingredients in in the morning, turn it on and have a cozy meal by dinnertime. Love how pretty this one looks on the counter!

4. Air fryer: I was skeptical buttttt this thing is insane! Makes veggies have the best texture and subtle crunch that the oven just can’t do. A thousand percent worth another gadget in your kitchen, promise.

5. Vitamix: My number one used kitchen tool for years on end. And it’s lasted nearly a decade (aka, totally worth the investment!). I make my daily matcha or chai in this, plus smoothies, pureed soups and yummy dips. It’s the best high power blender that everyone needs in their kitchen!

6. Material Kitchen Cutting Boards: Made with 100% recycled kitchen scraps and renewable sugarcane (with 50% of profits going to non-profits). And cute (non-eye sore) colors. 

7. Herb & Everything Kitchen Scissors: This pair, to be specific. I use them at least twice every single day. 

8. Stacking bowls: To elevate your soups, salads, popcorn & snacks into a full *experience*

9. Marble Cookbook Stand: For your SRH cookbooks of course! (The Simply Real Health Cookbook and Simply Real Eating Cookbook)

10. A yearly membership to The Cooking Club! On sale right now for $97 (instead of $197) for the entire year. This in our recipe and cooking club membership tool that includes  a brand new recipe every week from me, 3 seasonal suggested recipes to make that week,  plus live cooking classes once a month, AND entire meal planning tool, searchable recipe dashboard and organizer, and ability to change servings sizes, print grocery lists, etc. Sign up now through Dec 5th and receive the 4 week Fall Meal Plan for free! ($97 value in itself). 

11. L’avant Dish & Hand Soap Set: a local Seattle small business with the best natural soap/dish soap set! Check out their limited edition holiday fir soap collection and their classic collection here.  Refillable glass bottles (and the soap lasts for a looooong time). Also available at their Seattle shop or SKH salon shop. 

12. Mugs: One of my favorite mugs! Also completely in love with this orange one and this funky ceramic one. And this beautiful glass mug to elevate your morning routine.

13. Wine Chiller:Kyle’s favorite for traveling, adventures, picnics, boating and summer nights, it keeps it cold the entire time. Pair with a Dry Farm Wines box (or yearly subscription) for the ultimate natural wine experience. Use code “simplyrealhealth” for a extra bottle of wine included in your first order for just $.01!

14. Pizza Oven:Or this one that goes on the grill. Homemade gf pizzas that taste like italy at home? Yes please. 

15. Whirly Pop Popcorn Maker:The only way to go! Pair with cute popcorn bowls for a movie night in.

16. Dry Farm Wines Wine Box: Aka, my GO-TO natural, clean wine source for hangover-free mornings. You can gift red, white, rose, sparkling OR mixed boxes and get a little discount using this link! They let you do one-time gifts or temporary subscriptions! Aka, the perfect holiday gift that keeps on giving. 

17.Uiio wine purifier & filters: I was so doubtful. But hopeful. Friends, this is life-changing if you’re sensitive to wine (like me) but love a glass here and there. And I have to say, these really do work and make any wine sulfite free. Aka hangover free (obviously when done in moderation). Available in single glass filters or bottle filters. This is one the best gifts I’ve ever been given. Also paired with Dry Farm Wines and the Coravin.

18. Coravin:This handy wine device lets you pour a glass without opening the whole bottle, and keeps it fresh for months. YES. It’s pricier but such a great investment to not feel like you need to finish a bottle in 1 or 2 days (or like we do, each get to have a glass of exactly the wine what we want). 

main photo by Carina Skrobecki // this post contains affiliate links

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