Watch a Bodybuilder Attempt a Bikini Model’s Workout and Diet

Diana J. Smith

In a new video on his YouTube channel, bodybuilder and influencer MattDoesFitness joins IFBB fitness model Kate Errington, who is just days away from a show, for a day of training. As a competitor in the fitness category, Kate is required to perform a two-minute routine showcasing her strength and mobility, as well as simply posing like other bodybuilders, and her prep in the lead-up to the event reflects this.

They both start off with fasted cardio, which on this particular day means an hour of brisk walking, but on other days might mean a HIIT workout. Then Kate presents a typical breakfast: “eggy porridge,” i.e. oatmeal made with egg whites. “You can’t taste the egg,” she promises. “It just makes it fluffier.”

After forcing down some of the unusual concoction, Matt follows Kate to the gym for a full-body workout that includes seated leg curls, hamstring curls, pullups, lateral raises, overhead press, and lat pulldowns. “Usually this close to a comp, I just try to get a pump all over,” she explains.

The post-workout meal is another bland one; cod and courgette. Matt, however, has reframed his approach to Kate’s diet plan. “Breakfast was so bad, it set the bar really low, so everything compared to that seems quite good,” he says.

Kate then coaches Matt through a few elements from the two-minute routine that forms two thirds of the final score in her competitive fitness category. This includes four mandatory moves: a high kick, a straddle hold or pipe hold, a pressup, and the splits. And after attempting each of them, Matt leaves with a newfound respect for the bodybuilders who compete in this versatile, physically demanding category.

“I feel like it opens it up, and gives you chance to practice and get better at a skill,” he says of the split between physique and performance. “It takes the uncontrollable elements, i.e. your genetics, and it kind of minimizes those a little bit.”

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