Best iOS Apps To Get 2021 Off To A Great Start

Start the new year off well with these top-rated health, fitness, meditation, and drawing iPhone apps to enjoy calm strength and a clear mind.

With the new year upon us, there is an opportunity for Apple iPhone owners to get off to a fresh start and build good habits by installing some useful apps. The top focus in 2021 should be health and, thankfully, knowing what to do and staying on track isn’t as hard to manage as it once was. Learning new skills is also a good way to begin the year. With an iPhone and a few apps, it’s easier than ever to begin a new year with a positive focus.

January often comes with beginning a new diet and a workout routine, but studies have shown that cutting calories and exercising is not necessarily sustainable. Most people have personal experience with that. Instead of a sudden change,

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Smartphone fitness apps and wearable activity trackers boost physical activity levels

fitness tracker
Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Smartphone fitness apps and wearable activity trackers do help boost physical activity levels, finds a review and pooled data analysis of the available evidence, published online in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

The size of the effect is small to moderate, but it may be worth offering them on prescription to motivated patients, given the importance for health of increasing daily physical activity by any amount, say the researchers.

Globally, more than a quarter of adults don’t meet recommended physical activity levels. Physical inactivity represents a leading cause of death worldwide and is thought to cost billions of dollars every year.

Some of the most effective strategies to increase physical activity include behaviour change techniques, such as self-monitoring and feedback, which smartphone apps and wearable activity trackers can provide.

Smartphone ownership is widespread, with activity trackers and fitness apps used by around a third

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