Scarcity Mentality & Empty Grocery Shelves

Diana J. Smith

Let’s talk about the coronavirus panic, the food and resource hoarding, the current realities of this global pandemic, AND let’s also talk about the silver lining, find a little thread of optimism, and figure out what’s reasonable panic and what’s unnecessary panic! And let’s also start viewing dense food as life sustaining OK!?!?!?!


This episode’s show notes:


I answer the following questions (and more):

I find myself food hoarding and stress eating with the coronavirus panic. Is this a bad sign? What can I do about it?

I bought and stocked up on lots of food but have not been eating it, is this an ED flare up?

Do I have spring allergies or the coronavirus???


Plus, I also talk about:

How diet culture is trying to co-opt our panic

Some simple ways to stress relieve and take care of yourself when everything feels scary

And other tiny silver linings of self-isolation.

Plus! At the end, I have a convo with my (weed-loving) friend about coronavirus and… weed & the munchies & disordered eating. (She also is a therapist and has an LMFT!)

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You can find Christy Harrison’s twitter thread about COVID-19 and ob**ity here (mentioned in the episode)

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