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Diana J. Smith

I enjoyed fresh happy glowing skin after a natural facial treatment yesterday. I’ve always been grateful for healthy skin, diet is everything, and I’ve even healed acne scars since I started The Earth Diet thirteen years ago. HOWEVER, lately with what’s happened in my life, I’ve never felt more pain and stress, and am aware my hormones have been imbalanced, so I’ve had little bumps on my skin, I’ve never experienced skin like this before, and I know it’s due to stress.

Part of my healing and self-care regimen is skincare, the largest organ that I don’t want to neglect. Jessica, the owner of Ladies Lounge LLC in Orlando Florida says 80% of our skincare is homecare, and 20% is in the treatment room. I met this extraordinary woman through Purple Ocean Superfood Bar (a juice and açaí bar that naturally attracts healthy-minded people).

I wanted to share her story and why Jessica pursued a facial specialist career. Her background was in fashion, she relocated from Europe to the USA and then got pregnant with her first son. Her son passed away during delivery from complications.

The next three years she spent severely depressed, her anxiety was crippling, and she couldn’t work. She eventually found her way to esthetics, went to school, and fell in love with the skincare part. Transitioning into a new career path gave her a fresh start, and she eventually gave birth to two healthy children.

Skincare was also part of her learning how to love herself again, which is something Jessica said she hadn’t done. As a part of her healing process and grieving process she donated her breast milk to Mothers’ Milk Bank of Florida to benefit from it helping other families and other babies, literally, life-saving milk. Jessica donated 8,000 ounces of breast milk.

She got started in esthetics for her own self-love journey but also to help a woman feel beautiful and confident in their own skin AND she wanted to provide healing through the power of touch. She has the most beautiful magical touch and voice. It’s so soothing and comforting, something hard to describe. I hope you will go visit Jessica and get a facial treatment from her.

Jessica chose the holistic side of facial treatments because it resonates with her own personal journey of healing Hashimoto’s which she is in the process of. She is also focusing on detox and cellular rejuvenation.

Jessica says skincare isn’t just “skincare” it’s treating yourself from the inside out, it’s how you feed yourself, your mental and emotional state. Louise Hay says the affirmation with skincare is “I accept myself”. All of this is connected to having healthy skin. The natural products she uses are botanically focused and have a lot of enzymes, they are focused on rebuilding your natural skin barrier and getting it in its healthy state. Their ingredients have a lot of fruits (enzymes) from lemons and blueberries.

Another bonus to a facial with Jessica is the bio-mat you lay on, which is warm and has infrared lights to increase circulation and reduce inflammation. It’s that well-known mat with crystals.

She also used LED therapy on my face which is a medical-grade device that NASA uses to repair the skin.

I had the “Ultimate Signature Facial” which includes hands, arm, face, and décolletage massage which was so needed and so divine. It’s amazing how much inflammation can go down after a massage.

Jessica also does brows and tinting. I hope you get to enjoy a treatment from her! I am not paid to do this post, I am so proud to highlight a person with this story, healing, recovery testimonial, and business. I would love to highlight more people in business like this, especially women! I love that we can all support each other and lift each other up. Life isn’t easy, but it’s better when we can be there for others.

How often do you get a facial treatment? Me perhaps four times a year although I wish it was more. Jessica recommends it every 4-6 weeks.

Check out Ladies Lounge Spa when you are in Orlando Florida! And give yourself a couple of hours of self-love.

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