Kumail Nanjiani Still Looks Muscular Ahead of ‘Eternals’ Release

Diana J. Smith

Kumail Nanjiani shocked the world with his transformation into a muscle-bound super hunk for his role in the upcoming Marvel film, Eternals, back in 2019—but that was just the start of his commitment to strength training and living a swole lifestyle, if recent updates from his pals and a particularly muscular photo are any proof.

Nanjiani opened up about his Eternals training and transformation and posed for a series of incredible photos placing the comedian squarely in the action star canon for the Men’s Health April 2020 issue. His path to becoming a committed muscle-head was a challenging one; Nanjiani recalled coming close to vomiting and disassociating to make it through particularly grueling sessions. But slowly, he adopted a new mindset to “chase the pain,” of the training, and became a muscle-building junkie, even using electric stimulation techniques to try to eke more gains out of his workouts.

Then, the film was finished, and he didn’t have a project to keep this specific training regimen for (until a sequel and other MCU appearances for his character Kingo, of course). “This is a key time to establish how it’s going to be going forward,” Nanjiani told MH about his plans for his fitness routine after Eternals was wrapped. “Because it could very easily go back to how things were. And I can’t do that.”

From what evidence we have, Nanjiani has decidedly not gone back to how things were. Exhibit A: Rob McElhenney, a friend of Nanjiani’s and fellow MH cover guy, told Ryan Reynolds that he noticed Nanjiani was sticking to his hard-training regimen. “It’s funny, I was just talking to Kumail, who’s a good friend and who got in fucking insane shape for this Marvel movie, and I keep seeing him on Instagram and he’s not really going back to normal Kumail,” McElhenney said. “I was like, “You’re going to have a tough time going back, aren’t you?” He said yes.”

Exhibit B: this photo of Nanjiani, seemingly snapped post-workout last week in L.A.

kumail nanjiani


If possible, the actor’s arms look even bigger than before, as if he had just walked away from his weights after multiple rounds of biceps 21s to pose for the pic with maximum pumpage. The water bottle in his hand looks mini-sized compared to his biceps, and the way the sun hits his arms almost looks staged. This man has been putting in the work.

Whether he’s training for fun, because he can’t quite quit, or for a new role in the Star Wars universe, one thing’s for sure: Nanjiani is still swole.

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