full bodyweight strength workout (no repeats)

Diana J. Smith

In this 20-minute, no repeat, full bodyweight strength workout for beginners/intermediates, all you need is a soft surface such as a yoga mat, a chair and water (follow-along video below).

Below are the exercises performed in the workout video below, in order:

  1. The Butt: Frog pumps for 1-minute.
  2. Legs/Core/Butt: Plie to alternating reverse lunge, pause at the bottom of the lunge, for 1-minute
  3. Chest/Triceps: Three floor push-ups, plus 7 push-ups on a chair
  4. Legs/Butt: Long-leg bridge on a chair (you can also press your feet against a wall) for 1- minute
  5. Back: Seated rows with two pumps for 1-minute
  6. Shoulders: One full lateral raise plus four top partial lateral raises for 1-minute
  7. Upper back/Shoulders: Lay on your stomach, with bent knees, cross ankles, forehead on the mat, with goal-post arms, raise and lower arms for 1- minute.
  8. Abs/Inner thighs: Lay on your back, cradle your head in your hands, legs straight and off the mat, toes pointed to work your abs. If this bothers your low-back, put your hands under your butt. You can also elevate your legs, which is easier. Bring your legs out, then together (this works the inner thighs), cross your ankles, bring your knees towards your chest, and lift your legs up while lifting your butt off the mat (this is a reverse crunch). If your neck hurts, you can lower your head to the mat. Perform 8-15 reps, depending on how it feels.
  9. Calves/Hips/Ankles: Calf raises with prances and hip rocks for 1- minute
  10.  Mobility: Stretches

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