5 Helpful Mental Health Tips For Leaders – You Must Get Healthy

Diana J. Smith

To be a leader can be very tasking. Most times, you aren’t living for yourself but for your subjects. You have to be mentally conscious and aware at all times, and this can be exhausting.

A study showed that 49% of CEOs struggle with mental health conditions. As a leader, your mental health should be a priority. 

In this helpful blog post, you will find out some of the effective mental health tips for leaders.

5 Mental Health Tips for Leaders

Here are some beneficial ways that leaders can prioritize their mental health.

1. Rest

A survey was conducted for business leaders, and more than 180 of them, four out of ten which is 43%, stated that they do not have enough sleep or rest.

Leaders face more pressures than the subjects, and the risk of making unwise decisions increases when you don’t rest as a leader.

Productivity is diminished, and you become less effective. You begin to forget vital stuff and make more mistakes.

An effective mental tip for a leader is to have adequate rest.

If you have difficult falling asleep, you need to follow these healthy ways to fall asleep.

2. Create your personal time

Leaders’ calendars are always full. They are either booked with meetings, presentations, trips, and so many more to the extent that they don’t have time for their personal lives.

While your personal assistant is drafting your calendar, ensure a session for your personal timetable is included. Learn to book yourself.

Go out for vacations, go for therapeutic sessions, and do what you love doing. All these help you unwind from stress and relax, a prerequisite for a healthy brain.

A good way to create a to-do list, that way you can take care of important priorities and make out time for yourself.

3. Avoid arguing, especially when under pressure or stress

As a leader, you have a lot on your table to deal with. You interact with people at the top, those in the middle, and those at the down ladder.

This already is a lot to deal with. One mental health tip is avoiding arguing when you are pressured or stressed. It will only worsen our mental health and might affect your cognition processing.

Learn to be calm when tired. If you must make your point, do that softly without arguing. You make only better arguments when relaxed and never when you are under pressure or stress.

4. Be physically active

Most leaders are mentally occupied and busy. They do less physical work and more mental work.

One of the effective mental health tips is to be physically active. Get involved in physical and relaxation exercises.

Due to your position and influence, you may not be able to visit a gym or play outdoor games, but you can have a mini gym at home where you get to work out.

If it is possible, hire a personal trainer. Physical activity is beneficial to your mental health as it helps boost your cognition – the way you think and act and enhances your emotional balance,

5. Talk to someone

Most times, leaders hardly open up due to the fear of being seen as vulnerable.

As a leader, you are not superhuman; you are still human.

When you are depressed or anxious or have any mental condition, consult a therapist or mental health specialist.

You can open up to your loved ones if you are close to them. Never die in silence. You cannot get help until you open up.

Other important mental health tips for leaders include practicing self-care, doing meditation, investing in your social relationships, and making time for your hobbies.


Being a leader is highly tasking and requires stable mental health. You cannot have stable mental health if you don’t follow the above tips. Always keep to the above tips and advice from your therapist or mental health specialist.

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